Texas Department of Agriculture

  • Commodity marketing videos

  • Image library development

  • Harvest documentation

In partnership with WildHive, Paprika created a series of videos for Texas Department of Agriculture, profiling specific farms and commodities for marketing Texas produce and beef to overseas markets. Allan Taylor served as DP on all video projects, Mark Janzen took point on photography, and James Collier led creative direction and produced aerial content.

Aerial photo of cabbage growing in South Texas, near McAllen
Aerial view of flooded rice fields in southern Texas
Aerial view looking down rows of young sorghum
Lines formed from sorghum plantings along the Texas gulf coast
Overhead view of cattle walking a worn path
Overhead view of hereford cows
A wall of images showcasing Santa Rosa's stud bulls
Portrait of Lance Roasa and his daughter
Sunrise over a pasture at Santa Rosa Ranch in Crockett, Texas
A group of ultrablack cows on open pasture
Overhead image of cows migrating to a water trough
Cattle being herded by horses
A rider on horseback helping to wrangle cattle
Overhead view of cattle being penned by two riders on horseback
Farmhands conduct pregnancy checks on each cow in the herd
A worker at Santa Rosa Ranch tags the ear of a cow
A portrait of Lance Roasa with one of the horses of Santa Rosa Ranch