About Us

Paprika Studios operates as a collective of freelance team members, each with their own businesses and unique set of skills, which help to meet the varying needs of our clients.

James Collier

James is Paprika’s creative lead, guiding visuals on-set and leading our studio-driven projects.

» Personal projects and fine art images
» @JamesCollier on Instagram

Danny Alas

Danny is a professional chef who helps with studio food shoots and content creation, frequently collaborating on recipe development, food and prop styling. Danny also acts as on-camera talent for many of our recipe-focused videos for client social channels.

» Food styling portfolio
» @DannyAlas_ on Instagram

Allan Taylor

Allan is Paprika’s main DP on location shoots, servings as primary cameraman and helping guide lighting and audio for more complex interviews.

» Cinematography portfolio
» @NotAtAllAllan on Instagram

Rémy Robert

Rémy is the voice of our food videos–and sometimes the hands! She also helps with recipe development and testing.

» Writing/cookbook portfolio
» @RemyRobert on Instagram

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