In the kitchen with the team from Gourmand with a behind-the-scenes look at chef Peyton Barrell’s Valentine’s speakeasy menu.

Poussin thighs spread out on a sheet pan
Lucky Lime oysters from Prince Edward Island
A tin of caviar for potato chips with creme fraiche and chives
A sheet pan filled with handmade lobster tortellini
Handmade lobster tortellini with yukon gold potatoes
Poussin with celery, pickled mustard seeds, and jus
Thinly sliced shrimp being plated for crudo
Raw shrimp plated in a circular pattern
Shrimp crudo with avocado espuma, chili crisp aioli, and nuoc cham vinaigrette
Cocoa powder sifted over tiramisu
Pistachio madeleines with fresh raspberries to end the meal