In the kitchen with Chef Carla Briggs of Viola’s Heritage Breads, making sweet potato king cakes. Photographed for The Boil Advisory.

Portrait of Carla Biggs, chef, baker and educator
Carla portions dough for mini king cakes
Once portioned, the dough is rolled into smooth balls
The smoothed dough is placed in a large bin to proof
After proofing, the dough is rolled flat and filled with a mixture of brown sugar and spice
The dough is folded with the sugar mix inside, then cut into strips and braided
Once formed, the cakes are given an egg wash before baking
The baked king cakes are topped with a citrus-infused glaze and sprinkles
One of Carla's mini sweet potato king cakes
Details of a glazed king cake from Viola's Heritage Breads