A few scenes from a weekend at Grassy Island Hunting Club with my dad, all photographed on my phone. Hunting is a longstanding tradition in my family, and one of the few things that bonds all three living generations of Collier men.

An old sign at the hunting club, which used to be called RAM
Towels hanging to dry in my dad's camper at the club
A decaying deer head in front of a camper trailer
The new club bathroom, complete with shower and urinal
Decor in the map room at the club
My dad selecting our hunt locations on maps of properties the club leases
An antler mount above the cleaning room
Early morning shadow portrait in light from our vehicle
My dad outside of the cleaning room, where he's butchering a deer
Self portrait from the stand, in the rain at sunrise
View from the stand: a trail through young pines
My dog Sunny on the camp picnic table