A Mardi Gras-inspired king cake filled with cream cheese, prune puree, cinnamon, brown sugar, orange zest, and pecans. Recipe developed, styled and photographed for California Prunes.

Yeasted dough rising in a mixer bowl for king cake
King cake dough rolled flat and topped with a cinnamon, prune, and cream cheese filling
Close-up details of the filling with prune puree, cream cheese, cinnamon, orange zest, and pecans
The filled king cake dough is rolled like a cinnamon roll and shaped in a large circle
A baked king cake fresh out of the oven, ready for frosting
A freshly baked king cake topped with whipped mascarpone cream
The finished king cake with whipped mascarpone topping decorated with purple, green, and yellow sanding sugars
Overhead view of the finished prune-filled king cake
A cake with a slice removed shows its doughy layers
Layers of dough and prune and cream cheese filling in a slice of king cake