New photography for a consumer campaign from California GROWN educating consumers on how to shop for California-grown produce and products.

Fresh blueberries and radishes in a shopping cart
A bottle of extra virgin olive oil with the California GROWN logo printed on the back
Fresh California watermelons and cantaloupe stacked in a grocery store display
Mini sweet bell peppers with the California GROWN logo printed on the packaging
A grocery store customer picking up a carton of bi-color California table grapes
A customer shopping for sweet potatoes grown in California
A variety of California-grown apples stacked in a shopping cart
A grocery store selection of California wines
A grocery store customer picks out a bag of California-grown wild rice
A grocery store shopper adding a can of California-grown tomatoes to her shopping cart
A customer inspects the Real California Milk label on a carton of milk
A selection of California honey products in a shopping cart
Fresh California-grown produce in a shopping basket - tomatoes, avocados, garlic, cantaloupe, artichokes, and apples
Grocery store produce bins labeled with the California GROWN logo