To honor this week’s inauguration and welcome a change of political seasons, Rémy and I hosted a virtual dinner party, filled with dishes from friends renamed after political terms and catchphrases. For our part, we made a pot of Split PPP soup, following Ali Slagle’s recipe in the NY Times. A few dishes made by friends:

  • Don’t Tread on Meatloaf
  • Fired “Joint” Chief of Staff
  • Double Impeached Cobbler, Kamala Mode
  • Old Fascists
  • Curry-ing Favor
  • Spaghetti Squash the Insurrection
  • Kamala 4 Rice Prez
  • Coup d’etater Tots
A tender ham shank nestled in a Dutch oven filled with split pea soup
Ali Slagle's recipe for split pea soup