Bryan Kymar hosts an annual boucherie at his property in Lakeview, Louisiana, just outside of Eunice. Friends from as far away as Chicago and rural Georgia drive in to help slaughter, butcher and then cook or cure every edible part of the hog. The following images are graphic, but capture Bryan’s take on a longstanding tradition in rural South Louisiana.

The welcome sign at Lakeview Park & Beach near Eunice, Louisiana
Bryan Kymar lays out his tools for the slaughter
Bryan smudges sage around each member of the kill team
Bryan approached the hog with a captive bolt stun gun
Bloody gloves and knife and the tail of the hog shortly after the slaughter
Boucherie guests stand around examining the head of the hog
The pig's stomach is removed and cleaned to make ponce
Blood drops in the snow
Tools for butchering - various knives, a hatchet, and a hammer
Bryan stands in front of the butchered hog on a custom butcher table