I’m told that the road to Lake Hermitage (Judge Perez) was only paved about four years back—that prior to that, it was just crushed shell, meandering through a decaying oak grove along Bayou Grande Cheniere, which has been cut off from its original source at the Mississippi River. Google certainly knows very little about the area, and I have yet to find property info on the homes that have since been swallowed by the lake, but a local tells me that early commerce in the area centered on trapping and collection of Spanish moss for pillow and mattress stuffing.

An unincorporated fishing town at Lake Hermitage, near Port Sulphur, Louisiana
Three houses surrounded by water in Lake Hermitage
A boat crosses open water near restored marshes west of Lake Hermitage
Broken marsh along the now-paved road to Lake Hermitage
Marsh and open water forming the western edge of Lake Hermitage