Event coverage from Bocanegra’s US activation, hosted by Ellen Bennett and the team at Hedley & Bennett in downtown Los Angeles.

Bocanegra pilsner and dunkel bottles
Bocanegra cases stacked in Hedley & Bennett's event space
A custom Bocanegra apron made by Hedley & Bennett
Signage on display for Bocanegra and Hedley & Bennett
Bocanegra co-founder Guillermo Gonzalez ties on his chef's apron
Details of the brand activation
View of the crowd from behind the bar
A chef garnishes his dish with edible flowers
Guests visit with host Ellen Bennett
Guests laugh while enjoying Bocanegra beers
A guest takes a photo of her taco
Overhead shot of tacos prepared for guests
Detail of tacos prepared at served during the event
Chefs taking photos of each other during the event
A panel discussion between Ellen Bennett moderates a conversation between co-founders Guillermo Gonzalez Sergio Gutierrez, and Ellen Bennett
Ellen Bennett moderates a conversation between Bocanegra co-founders Guillermo Gonzalez and Sergio Gutierrez
An attentive crowd listens to Bocanegra co-founders
View of the room during the panel presentation
In situ photograph of Bocanegra's Dunkel bottle
A local chef gets help slicing truffles from his daughter
Local chefs prepared small plates for the activation event in downtown Los Angeles
A local chef takes a picture of his dish
A signature dish is plated for the event
A bartender makes cocktails created specifically for the activation at Hedley & Bennett
Detail of a cocktail created for the activation event
Detail of a cocktail created in partnership with Don Julio Tequila
The Bocanegra activation team
Bocanegra signage at the entrance to Hedley & Bennett