Behind the scenes with team Hog Dat Nation at the 12th annual Hogs for the Cause fundraiser and barbecue competition.

Phil Wingo bastes a whole hog on an Alveron cooker
Hog Dat Nation's cooked whole hog at Hogs for the Cause
A basting mop rests on the wheel well of the smoker
Pork Mafia spice mix for Hog Dat Nation's barbecue competition entries
A crew member checks the temperature on a pan of smoked ribs
Smoked pork ribs are sliced for judging
Crew members pose in front of the Hog Dat Nation sign before turning in barbecue to the judges
Rain and mud greeted attendees at the festival
An inflatable dolphin swims in a puddle of rain water in the middle of the festival grounds
Boots ankle-deep in mud and rainwater in the Hog Dat Nation tent
A festival-goer with an umbrella, dressed in overalls and Americana
A sign from a competitor's booth - Pork Fiction
A sign from a competitor's booth - The Pig Lebowski
A sign from a competitor's booth - Lard and in Charge
A sign from a competitor's booth - Piggy Style