Still images captured at Santa Rosa Ranch while filming a video project for Texas Department of Agriculture focused on Texas beef. On-the-ground photograhy by Mark Janzen; aerial photography by James Collier.

Sunrise over a pasture at Santa Rosa Ranch in Crockett, Texas
A wall of images showcasing Santa Rosa's stud bulls
Overhead view of several cows on green pasture at sunrise
Horses trailered to the ranch at sunrise to begin moving cattle
Portrait of Lance Roasa and his daughter
A group of ultrablack cows on open pasture
A young ultrablack calf poses for a portrait
A young calf on green pasture at Santa Rosa Ranch
Overhead image of cows migrating to a water trough
Ferrier at work on a horseshoe at Santa Rosa Ranch
Cattle being herded by horses
A rider on horseback helping to wrangle cattle
Overhead view of cattle being penned by two riders on horseback
Farmhands conduct pregnancy checks on each cow in the herd
A worker at Santa Rosa Ranch tags the ear of a cow
A portrait of Lance Roasa with one of the horses of Santa Rosa Ranch