Harvesting olives in Central California for extra virgin olive oil. Photographed for California Grown.

Rolland Rosenthal drives a harvester over a row of super high density olives
Olives ripen on a hedgerow in Fresno, California
Rolland Rosenthal clears debris from his olive harvester
A farmworker hauls bins of olives from the grove to a semi trailer
From atop the harvester, a worker clears debris from the olive conveyor
A worker driving a tractor looks back to check the olives as they fall in to bins
A dedicated olive harvester straddles a hedgerow of super high density trees
Freshly harvested olives are dumped from the harvester's conveyor into bins
A truckload of olives at Rolland's mill in Sanger, California
Portrait of Rolland Rosenthal in the groves