A crew at Fowler Packing strings a net across its mandarin trees to prevent pollination, which helps ensure the fruit will be seedless. Photographed on assignment with Fowler earlier this spring, documenting their farming operations.

A worker for Fowler Packing operates a special machine, towed by a tractor, for netting entire rows of citrus trees
A field crew preps netting for a row of mandarin trees
As a specialized crane pulls the net over the trees, the crew stretches it along the sides
The field crew helps spread the nets that will keep fruit from pollinating
A farm worker helps guid the net around limbs
A worker casts a shadow as he inspects the netting and turns soil over the bottom to hold it in place
The rest of the crew spreads the net and keeps it from knotting
Pollination netting around a row of mandarin trees near Fresno, California