Documenting the milling of fresh, California olive oil with Rolland Rosenthal at his facility near Sanger, California. Photographed for California Grown.

A worker cleans discarded olives and debris from the mill
Freshly harvested olives are dumped so that leaves and sticks can be sifted out
The olives are sent up a conveyor belt for inspection and cleaning
A farm truck pulling a trailer load of olives is unloaded at the mill
Olives are tumbled and rinsed with water
After rinsing, the olives move into a crusher
Rolland inspects olives in the malaxer, which mixes a crushed olive paste
Extra virgin olive oil is separated from the olives and pits using centrifugal force
State of the art equipment is used at the mill to ensure the freshest possible product
Once separated from solids and water, the olive oil is filtered for bottling
Signs near Rolland's mill point to fresh oil