Luis Armendariz is a commercial crabber in Chauvin, Louisiana. He evacuated with his family two hours before Hurricane Ida made landfall, and returned to find that his roof had split in two and blown into neighboring yards. He stood for a portrait in what used to be a hallway, leading to the only room left in tact after the storm: the bathroom. After almost three weeks without power, Luis has salvaged as much wood as he can for a rebuild, and is focused on getting back to work. His crab traps are stacked and ready in the yard, waiting for electricity to come back so the dock can make ice.

Luis Armendariz stands in the hallway of his home after Hurricane Ida tore his roof off
A model fishing boat sits on the dining table, now exposed from Hurricane Ida's category 4 winds
A closet is left standing after the storm ripped the roof and walls surrounding it
The remains of Luis Armendariz's home after Hurricane Ida ripped through the town of Chauvin on August 29
Luis's crab traps, stacked in the yard and ready to use once the dock can make ice