Behind the scenes at Fowler Packing, documenting the packaging line for Peelz Mandarins, from the moment the fruit is pulled from the trucks, washed, packed, boxed, and stacked on pallets for distribution.

Freshly picked mandarins stacked in produce bins
Bins of fresh mandarins are offloaded into a cold storage area
Once the fruit is washed, it's inspected and sorted for size
Sorting tables at Fowler Packing
A technician at Fowler Packing inspects scans of fruit from the packing line
Peelz labels on an automated bagging machine
Fowler Packing employees inspect packing machinery
An employee reloads a spool of netting for automated bagging of fresh fruit
Fowler Packing employees load bags of mandarins in to boxes
A case of bagged Peelz mandarins
Bags and boxes of mandarins moving throughout the packing facility
Boxes of fruit are stacked on to pallets using specialized machinery
Stacked boxes of Peelz mandarins being palletized
Another machine wraps the pallets tightly in plastic wrap
An employee prepares pallets for storage
Cases of Peelz mandarins washed, bagged, boxed, stacked, wrapped and ready for storage