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While we’re drawn to story, we’re strive for versatility, and have ample experience with photography for the following:

  • Product/ecommerce
  • Portraits and commercial headshots
  • Food – plated, and in production
  • Tailored stock libraries

About James

James Collier | Photographer

My friends might describe me as a wanderer, but I’m an explorer. I’ll go anywhere, try anything, and in doing so, look to find something beautiful–something that might otherwise go unnoticed.

I use photography to better understand the world around me, and to communicate. For Paprika’s clients, that communication takes on a variety of forms, but where we shine is in story-driven photography–images that show behind the scenes, that highlight texture and personality, and that connect emotionally with their audiences.

» Personal projects and fine art images
» @JamesCollier on Instagram

Selected Clients